interior and rooftop

With homegrown and organic veggies from our neighboring village, we strive to provide the finest cuisine, focusing on achieving the right balance of nutrition and deliciousness.

Along with aiming at healthy and natural food, our hope is also to help local communities around us by sourcing our vegetables, milk and milk product from these villages.

Our restaurant offers tantalizing recipes that will surely please your palates. As you dine, enjoy the mesmerizing view of the Indus in the distance with its sparkling water cascade and the Himalayans in the backdrop, the bonfire, and the terrace cafe.

The cuisine ranges from Ladakhi, Indian to Continental. Our food adds to your experience of staying in a Le mentok Wellness Resort in Ladakh.

Uma restaurant

along the Indus river

Uma, our restaurant situated by the dreamy Indus river is inspired by our maternal grandmother whom our grandfather dearly called Uma. We remember her as an unusually warm soul and anyone who knew her, knew her exceptional love for culinary. This memory of her forever lives within us and anyone who knew her. The space for us is a means through which we aspire to continue her warmth and cater to our guests with a similar experience.

We source all our vegetables, milk, yogurt from local families and farmhouses around us in the village of Palam and Agling. The families continue to practice traditional Ladakhi method of farming that use natural manure. We serve Ladakhi, Indian, Continental and Chinese cuisine.

We welcome you to enjoy a meal in our serene forested space by the Indus! 

Chansa - Ladakhi Kitchen

One of our most facinating offers at Le Mentok Wellness Resort is the 'Chansa - Ladakhi Kitchen'. Ladakhi Kitchen, as its name suggests is a space dedicated entirely to Ladakhi

tradition of kitchen space with seating and a devoted traditional kitchen for Ladakhi cusine that we call a "Chansa". At Chansa - Ladakhi Kitchen, you can book an evening and learn to prepare and cook Ladakhi food with our neighbour fellow villagers and relish them.