Living Space

Consciously fabricated with attention to the natural surrounding, Le Mentok is built using natural and sustainable local material - Mud, Straw, Stone and Wood! Compressed Earth Blocks (CEB), accepted as one of the few sustainable building materials, are used as a primary construction material along with locally sourced stones and wood. The building material is known for passive heating and cooling, which means that houses with CEB walls absorb heat and release it evenly, adding to the comfort of the inhabitants.

Apart from the architecture, the natural surrounding is one chosen with utmost care to ensure that the space is enveloped in pristine nature. It is surrounded by Indus river gleaming to the south, a government declared forest and quaint village life.

Le Mentok adorns 16 beautiful cottages and 2 duplex designed for families or group of friends. The cottages are spaced out generously to ensure a peaceful and private time. The interiors reflect the stillness and warmth of a beautiful Tibetan air.


for two people


For family or group of friends