Le Mentok is a comfort luxury wellness resort set in the peaceful Agling village located at the southern end of Leh town. Aptly situated away from the hustle of main town, Le Mentok rests on the banks of the tranquil and gleaming Indus River with picturesque Himalayas surrounding it.

A government declared forest sited on the right is an invitation to myriad beautiful Himalayan birds and the location is a treat to birdwatchers and nature lovers. This little piece of heaven is surrounded with assorted flowers just as its name suggests.

Created as passion project, Le Mentok Wellness Resort came about with the aspiration to build an ideal place for our clients post our experience in tourism and hospitality for over 30 years. The idea was to build a place and space that gives you the pure essence of what the expansive Himalayan valley has to offer and let that help you unravel.

We hope to provide you with a home that in it-self helps you relax, and additional well-curated wellness experiences that we offer are designed to further help you restore balance and harmonize your energies.

We welcome you to the charming valley of Leh!


Staying at Le Mentok Wellness Resort is an unforgettable experience that speaks to your soul. The resort on the banks of river Indus is surrounded with lush greenery and offers a scenic view of the river. Listen to the healing and calming sound of the serene water or spend time reading a book beside the river. The extraordinary location, the lush greenery, the dazzling view of the river against the Himalayas, and the private bungalows - all make Le Mentok Wellness Resort one of the best resorts in Ladakh and a great vantage point from which you can explore the picturesque beauty of Indian Himalaya.

Our private living spaces in the resort feature premium amenities. Luxurious sheets combined with high thread count bedding stimulate deep and restful sleep. The rooms at our resort offer plush and self-designed furniture and are graced with elegant decor. Open your windows to catch a fascinating glimpse of desert greens or listen to the melodious birdcalls. If you're looking for a peaceful stay, away yet close to the main town and in the heart of nature, Le Mentok Wellness Resort is ideal. 

Our philosophy

Le Mentok Wellness Resort promotes sustainable tourism and supports local communities. We want you to enjoy nature without taking away anything from it. The resort has been designed keeping these aspects at the centre. The construction is done using as much local material and with low-impact tecniques, it is solar dependendent and the resort adorns a water refilling station to reduce plastic bottle usage. We try and source all of our vegetables, fruits and dairy from our neighboring villages. 


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